Angelic Beauty
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“What I appreciate most about the body treatments offered at Angelic Beauty is the focus on personalization. Shelly creates a unique experience just for me.”


Full Body Exfoliation or Cellulite Treatment:$120.00
These 90-minute services exfoliate and hydrate the face and entire body. You’ll feel refreshed from head to toe after exfoliation, followed by a massage with moisturizing cream or cellulite massage oil that will leave your skin feeling satiny soft.

Raindrop Technique: $95.00-$110.00
This 75-minute service uses nine essential oils to help reduce back, shoulder and neck pain. The oils are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral which help to loosen up tight muscles. The oils are applied like drops of rain along the spine and massaged into the back, shoulders, neck and feet. This treatment will leave you floating on cloud nine.

Polarity Therapy: $85.00 or $110.00
This one-hour or 90-minute service involves techniques that include massage, pressure point, rocking and holding of the body and craniosacral therapy to establish balance of energy flow. This treatment is very relaxing.

Ear Candling: $65.00-$70.00
This one-hour service helps remove excess wax build-up in the ear canal to improve hearing and relieve pressure in the ear drum. This is especially helpful at seasonal changes.